Rick and Morty R34 rear light wrap with Arlon Illuminite reflective vehicle wrap film.

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One of the unique things about the R34 skyline is the pair of tail lights. For something a little different we took our demo R34 skyline and created some Rick and Morty artwork to suit the tail lights of the car creating this hilarious view for drivers behind the car.
The graphic was printed using Arlon’s new Illuminite reflective wrap film.
Now when headlights from other vehicles or any other light source hits the graphic, it springs to life shining brightly back in the direction of the light.

This film is excellent for use on commercial applications such as business signage and is even suitable for full body wraps to really make your brand stand out.

If you’d like to make your business stand out, contact us about designing up a custom business wrap using Illuminite reflective wrap and watch your brand boom!

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