Factory satin or matte paint is notoriously difficult to maintain, just a wrong look and the finish will mark or scratch, let alone taking it out onto the roads only to be peppered with stones. However we have a solution!
Xpel Stealth paint protection film. This product is designed to carry a similar satin sheen to most factory paint finishes which means once on your paint, it is virtually undetectable. The durable, thick clear film is ideal for protecting the paint work from scratches and chips not only during driving but also when washing and maintaining the finish.
Equipped with Xpels state of the art paint protection film templates, we pre-cut kits for the full vehicle ensuring a knifeless install and a precise finish to the edges.
Paint protection film, unlike dealer paint protection coatings is an actual physical barrier between your car and the road which will provide your vehicle the best shield against the dangers of the road.

Don’t wait til it’s too late, get in touch to let us help protect your vehicles paint.

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