Colour change wraps

A temporary second skin to give your ride some new style!
Jaguar F-type - Colour Change Wrap
A colour change wrap is a cool way to give your ride a new look without the commitment of a paint job. Using a fully removable self adhesive film, we cover as much of the existing paint colour as possible to completely transform your vehicle from one colour to another.

A removable second skin that will help protect your paint and personalise your ride

There are literally hundreds of different colours and finishes to choose from when you’re looking to colour change wrap your ride and we have samples of all available wrap films in store.

Take a quick look at this short production we put together highlighting the stunning satin red chrome wrap we applied to this Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale! We called her, The Lady in Red

So how does it work?


First the vehicle is cleaned, a quick wash and then clay bar on the surface to remove as many contaminants as possible. Finally a wipe down with an alcohol based cleaner leaving the surface ready for film.


After the vehicle is cleaned we pull it apart, removing parts like bumpers, lights, mirrors and handles to allow us to cover as much of the factory paint as possible.


Once the car is cleaned and in pieces it’s ready to have film applied. We trim down the vinyl to suit each panel, rather than wrapping the full side in one go, we wrap each panel separately for better coverage.


Once all of the parts of the car have been wrapped the vehicle is carefully re-assembled exactly as it was disassembled, completing the process and leaving you with an all new look for your ride.
Lamborghini clean - Colour Change Wrap
Porsche - Colour Change Wrap
BMW M2 - Colour Change Wrap

Take a look at a few of the Colour Change Vinyl Wraps we’ve completed

What colours are available?

The colours below are just samples of what is available and are a representation only, for exact colours, drop into our store and take a look at some swatches in person.

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