We’ve completed quite a few Camo style wraps over the last few years. One that stands out the most is this MK7 Golf R.
There are many different methods to creating a nice camo finish, the most important thing with a camo wrap is that all of the pieces line up across the panels.
If not, it just looks like it was slapped together with no thought at all.

For this particular wrap, the owner wanted to have multiple different kinds of finishes included in the camo, including gloss metallic silver, satin pearl white, satin black and gloss grey.
To achieve a wrap like this there was only one method we could use.
Each different coloured section had to be hand laid using knifeless tape to create the unique design with the various different finishes of film.

To begin with our in house design team created a mock-up of the design on all sides of the vehicle to give you wrappers a guide.
From there each piece was templated using knifeless tape and a piece of film wrapped over the section with the knifeless tape being pulled through to cut the wrap to shape.
Piece by piece, layer by layer the wrap took shape until the wrap was complete giving you the design you see before you.

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